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    TabNavigator not showing form data on background tabs

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      I have a mx:TabNavigator with 2 tabs.  Each tab has a mx:Form on it.  Both forms have s:TextInput 's on them.  When I do a:


                      getSBJResult.token = baa_data_svc.getSBJ(parentApplication.grdSBJs.selectedItem.OBJ_GUID);


      Only the form on the forground tab populates with data.  When I tab to the other tab that was originally in the background, and bring it to the foreground all the fields that should have been populated with data are blank.  All the fields connect to the same data service and result .token.  As an experiment, I moved one of the fields from the background tab to the forground tab, recompiled and ran the app, and, sure enough, it populated with data.  The deciding factor is only the fact that the field is either on the forground tab (and form) or the background tab (and form).


      I need to have all field populate, regardless if their tab is the selected one or not,... or, I need a reliable way to automatically "referesh" or some how "command" the fields on the tab that I choose to bring to the forground, to autopopulate when I bring it's tab to the forground.


      Any suggestions?


      I think this problem is related to the other problem I'm having which is that the tabs that have data bindings to datagrids that are on tabs that are in the background.. so the text on the background tabs is "not there" and the tab is small, and with no text, the user has no idea what it is.  Until they click on the tab, then the text on the tab is visible.