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    Using <PRE>...,</PRE>

      I'm cutting & pasting a sample from a report into an HTML page which has been imported into Robohelp 7. I'm using the <PRE>...</PRE> tags to preserve the layout, but Robohelp keeps using   spaces to rearrange it, whether I paste it into the WYSIWYG or the HTML. This upsets the layout. I've also tried specifying a Courier New (fixed width) font to no avail.

      Any thoughts?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          The HTML protocol deals with extra spaces (more than one) in this manner. The use of   is not an RH thing, but a W3 thing.

          You might try pasting the data into Notepad first, with the Courier New font selected. This will give you a guide in adding the proper amount of spaces, and should retain the format when you then copy/paste that into RH (in TrueCode mode).

          Good luck,