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      Now I place AkamaiPluginSample.swf and its dependent files as well as AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf on the same web server. As a result, I can load successfully plugin and play a video correctly.

      But I have a problem on debugging the app. when I debug the AkamaiPluginSample.mxml step by step, it loads plugin failed. I guess the AkamaiPluginSample.swf and AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf placed in the different files. One is in the path of D:\osmf_source_s5\apps\samples\plugins\AkamaiPluginSample\bin-debug\AkamaiPluginSample.htm l, another is in the http://web-server/swf/AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf.

      What can I do to track the app'code? Or who can give me some instructions about the workflow of Plugin?


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          A couple of tips:


          1) You can load OSMF plugins statically (the IPluginInfo class is instantiated from a fully qualified class name) or dynamically (the plugin swf is loaded). When you are writing a plugin, it might be simpler to load it statically to test it. The code looks the same in the plugin, only the player code is different.


          2) Using a local web server, you can create a less painful workflow if you want to load your plugin dynamically. If you are on a Mac you can simply copy your player and your plugin to "/Library/WebServer/Documents/test" or a similar subdirectory.  Make sure Apache is running.


          In the case of 2 above, to debug your plugin, you can tell Flex Builder to launch the app using a URL.  Right click on your Flex project in Builder and select "Run/Debug Settings".  Edit the configuration you see and look at the "URL or path to launch" section.  Uncheck the "use defaults" box and type the URL for the HTML file for your project in the box, such as: "http://localhost/test/MyPluginSample.html".  Within your project launch the debugger as usual and it will load the sample from that URL.  You can set breakpoints and step through your project.


          Hope that helps,

          - charles