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    Exporting To Media Encoder


      Having some issues regarding Media Encoder, when I attempt to export footage Adobe Premier CS4 Locks up and i cant click anything withon the software, though when I go into task manager the system isn't not responding... I have only managed to get the media encoder to load once by pressing CTRL + T but this doesn't seem to work any more.


      I'm pretty pressed for time as I need to get this clip exported asap, anyone got any ideas?





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          Kusumas Level 1

          I may be totally wrong here but it sounds like the problem I had with AME crashing on opening each time so I could also not export a single thing.

          Just in case it is, try this:

          Try changing name of "C:\Documents and Settings\your user\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\4.0\Watch Folder Info.xml" - just rename it something else, like "OLDWatch Folder Info.xml". It worked for me and, if it doesn't, you can always change it back.

          One post on another forum said:
          "Could you try after deleting the Adobe Media Encoder preferences folder? If you type the following line including quotes in the run command, it should take you to the AME preference folder.
          "%APPDATA%/Adobe/Adobe Media Encoder/4.0"
          You should find a Presets folder and these files






          -Trace Database

          -Watch Folder Info

          Delete them all EXCEPT the presets folder!
          He also said try clearing the cache memory - that should make it all start again from the beginning.

          or try http://www.slashcam.com/EN/info/Adobe-Media-Encoder-CS4-does-not-work-anymore-341519.html


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