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    Using catalyst to create a Badge installer ?




      I am trying to create badge for an AIR project and would like to be using catalyst to do it, I have the AIR SDK and the Flex 4 SDK, both have samples of this, but it uses a FLA file, I would like to create the SWF in catalyst, which i have done, only I am not sure how I can hook it up to the rest of the badge installer ...


      like, how do I ... insert the AIRBadge.as into the fxp? configure the guy? etc. ? I basically understand how it all works, the html, js, etc.  but I don't know how to get it to work properly ...


      please could you provide a little guidance ...


      Thanks so much

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Julian,


          You can create a badge installer from a project created in Catalyst, but you can't actually hook up the badge installer in Catalyst. This would be a good idea for the ideas site.


          To hook up the badge installer, you should import your Catalyst project into Flash Builder, then follow the normal steps for creating a badge installer:





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            JulianSt-1BkeCL Level 1

            Hi Adam,


            thanks, I am looking at this now and I am not sure how to hook up the mxml to the actionscript, I am only starting to use flex now that catalyst has come out so this is my first foray into the world of flex ... hoping you can point me in the right direction in this regard.


            also, I am having problems posting to the ideas page.



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              acath Level 4

              Hi Julian,


              I'm not a expert at the AIR Badge installer - you're probably better off on the AIR forums, but I can try to help. I sent a tutorial in my last message. Did you try to go through it? Where'd you get stuck?



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                JulianSt-1BkeCL Level 1

                Hey, thanks ...


                ummm, I have been following the tutorial, where I hit a problem is in gett the fxp to hook up to the rest of the badge, what I normally do is take the sample badge and re-theme it in Flash Pro ... changing the html and .as is pretty straight forward and I don't have any problems with that ... I can get it working with the sample badge ...


                not knowing enough about how flex and actionscript interact, I can't seem to get the fxp to read the .as file (I am assuming that is the problem), so what I end up with is the sample badge loading in place of where I want the new badge ... if I could get it right, using catalyst would be much quicker and easier to do this ... I will try the AIR forum as well ...


                Thanks so much for all the help with this

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                  Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee



                  Are you trying to customize the appearance of the badge itself to look like something in Flash Catalyst?  Or do you just want to use a badge installer to install an AIR application that you designed in Flash Catalyst?


                  If it's the latter, you can just export an .air file from Flash Catalyst and then follow the tutorial's steps to link the badge to your .air file.  To create an AIR file from Catalyst, choose "File > Publish to SWF," and then check off "Build AIR application."  (The menu item name makes it a little hard to find; sorry about that).


                  Let us know if that helps!


                  - Peter

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                    JulianSt-1BkeCL Level 1

                    Hi Peter,


                    What I am trying to do is create a custom badge using Catalyst and Builder ... my main reason for wanting to use catalyst to do this is to improve production times when generating many of these, it is part of a larger research project into the viability of using Catalyst in production so it is something that I would like to get right ... so what I have is number of example and tutorial badges that I can get working, but I need to theme/customise them in Flash Pro to make them work properly (not what I want to do) ... what I have done is create the art in illustrator and then in Catalyst is set up mouse-overs, button states, etc. ...


                    what I am battling with is hooking up the fxp to some AS to get it actually work ... any help here would be great ...