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    CS4 Only the first export is successful

    Kusumas Level 1

      I'm running Premier Pro CS4 4.1.0 (latest updates) on a PC Windows XP SP3 (latest updates). The PC is a Dell Vostro quad-core 4 x 2.8G, 4Gb Ram and 300Gb Hard Drive.

      The assets and projects are held on an external hard-drive 7800 connected to the machine using a Firewire 400 connection.

      I'm trying to export projects that contain a mix of EX and HDCAM footage, as well as stills, PhotoshopCS2 projects, MP3s and .wav files.

      The project is 1920 x 1080 editing mode: EXHDCAM 1080i (HQ).


      I render first, so the lines at the top of the timeline go green (I'm self-taught so my terminology may not be the industry standard), select the sequence in the project window and use the File menu to export.


      The first export of whatever format (including uncompressed raw Quicktime .mov) is usually fine but a bit slow (9 minutes = 45 minutes to export from Media Encoder). The second export of the same project (usually after some adjustments to the footage - requested by clients) is jumpy on the dissolves and pans; but from the third export onwards of the same project, I get this: The first 1 or 2 seconds are fine, then it's all multi-coloured lines with the audio running on. The lines move in time to the original footage but it's obviously not useable.

      Also, each time I export, Media Encoder loads a project with the right name but appended by _and a number that counts up each time.

      I've tried re-starting the machine - I've tried deleting the auto-save projects - I've tried emptying all the Temp folders - I've tried moving everything onto the internal hard-drive.

      I've tried this on 2 other PCs (unknown specs) and EXACTLY the same thing happens.

      I have a suspicion it's a cache somewhere over-loading but I can't find it.


      1 - How do I fix the problem of not being able to export more than one version of each project?

      2 - How can I find and delete the previous cached or stored versions of the project so that AME starts counting from 1 again (I have a strong suspicion the two matters are closely related).