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    Baggage files in folder, in rhbag, NOT shown in Project Manager

    Teri White Level 1

      We use RH7 and have significant numbers of baggage files per project. We import the baggage files, they show up, life is good.  We drag/drop to them all over the place.  Then you rebuild the .cpd file and more than 50% of them disappear.  They are still in the folder, they are STILL in the rhbag file.  They just don't show in the project manager, which makes drag/drop pretty darn tough.  Also leads to duplicates with slightly different names as authors try to 'fix' the problem.


      I painstakenly add them back in...only to have them all disappear the first time I rebuild the .cpd.  The same ones stay...the same ones disappear.


      What is the issue?  This is so frustrating and there is no good answer to provide to people.


      Does anyone have a solution that works?  Does RH8 fix this?  Thank you!!!!