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    SOLVED! E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED - if you're on a mac, anyway....


      i did a lot of research. if you get that annoying message when you tried to activate, try this:  (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2538)




      Mac OS X may display the incorrect time when "Set date & time automatically" is enabled in the Date & Time pane of System Preferences, after using Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant to migrate time zone settings from another Mac. 


      The analog clock shown in the Date & Pane of System Preferences may temporarily display the correct time after selecting the correct time zone, but the time zone selected will not be retained after quitting System Preferences.


      Products Affected


      Mac OS X 10.5


         1. If the Date & Time preferences window is open, close it.
         2. From the Go menu choose Go to Folder.
         3. Type or paste the following location, then click Go.


         4. Delete the folder named "localtime".
         5. Enter your admin password if prompted.
         6. Select the correct time zone in the Time Zone tab of Date & Time preferences.


      Additional Information


      When no time zone is selected, the time displayed in Mac OS X will be in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), except for the World Clock widget in Dashboard which will display the correct time for the city shown on the widget.




      it worked for me, and this bloody program has now been activated. hope it helps someone else!


      frankly, if my local library didn't FORCE its users to have this program in order to get out ebooks, i would have given up. this a stupid problem.