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    #Include is not working

      Hello, I'm having a very odd problem.

      I have an .as file that is called upon like so :

      #include "CommonFunctions.as"

      Functions from this .as file all work, except one. The following function is inside the .as file :

      function playSound(soundName, level, exportName, offset, loop) {
      soundName = new Sound(level);
      soundName.start(offset, loop);

      It's a simple function that plays a sound, as you can see.

      When I call upon it in the .fla file like so :

      playSound(mySong,_root,"Song1", 0,1)

      Nothing happens. Here's the odd part, if I put the function directly without having it called from the .as file it works fine.

      What's going on here?

      Thanks in Advance.