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    Flex won't load in IE


      First Flex project here and it won't load in IE.  It'll load in IE when I test it on my PC.  But upload it to my server and it's a no-go.  Loads in Safari fine and runs in Mozilla OK but gives a 'transferring from...' in the lower left that never goes away.  Any ideas as to where to start?

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          Jerry62712 Level 1

          Make sure the HTML on the server is pointing to the SWF file on the server.  For example, you might have the SWF file hard coded on the PC and the location on the server might be different resulting in an unending search for the file.


          Open it on the server and press [ctrl]-[u] to see the source code.  Inspect it to make sure it is pointing to the right place.

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            bnther Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            I think I need to clarify something.  I can view the file from the server in Mozilla and Safari but not on IE.  If the source wasn't right, I don't think it would display in any browser (at least that's what I'm thinking).  Funny thing though.  I got to looking at the source code from the browsers and IE is completely different than Safari or Mozilla.  Not sure how that's working.

            You can view it here : hxxp://gtwebconcepts.com/Flex/Flex10_16