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    Can't open project anymore




      Since a while Premiere won't open my project anymore. The project loads, gets stuck at 95% or something and if I'm lucky it will open the project after all if I would wait 15 minutes. I can see that the ImporterProcessServer.exe keeps on using more and more memory. At some point (usually about 900mb), it drops and starts all over again. What could be the problem? I have enough memory. I spent over 100 hours of work in this project and I'd die if I would lose it all.

      Thanks in advance!

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          Kona Bob Level 2

          Your project file may have become corrupt.

          Easiest thing to try is to go to the "Premiere Pro Auto Save" folder (hopefully you do have Auto Save turned on) and open one of the auto-saved projects. If it loads up properly, then probably the main project file was corrupted. If the Auto Save project files won't open, that raises the question of some problem with the Premiere software, or the computer.  

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            Jimbojet Level 1

            Thanks. I tried to open an auto-saved project, but no success. Well, after 10 minutes or so it opened but none of the files open immediately. Yesterday I suddenly could open the project after rebooting my computer and waiting 15 minutes. It seems that Premiere only wants to open it when I haven't done anything else on the computer. I have a lot of clips and effects in my project, but I asume Premiere can take care of that...

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              Kona Bob Level 2

              Would need more info to even hazard a further guess

              1) What vers of PPro?

              1) what OS- 32 or 64 bit?

              3) how much RAM?

              4) What type of media files- HD or SD- file type: avi, mp4, etc.?

              5) Approx how many clips in the project, and how long is the current timeline?

              I want to guess that your project has become big and complicated enough that your system resources are at their limit & the project can't load easily.

              I had a variety of similar type problems with long form HD editing using CS3, Win XP 32, 4 GB Ram. For larger projects (over 45 min in length) I would have to break down & edit in 15 min seperate projects, then export & assemble the "reels" into the final single movie file.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This ARTICLE might offer some tips on recovering a corrupt Project. You already have some of these, but there might be some others that will help.


                Good luck,



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                  Jimbojet Level 1

                  Thanks for the tips. According to that website the file is not corrupt, fortunately .

                  Some information:

                  1) I have Premiere Pro CS4

                  2) My OS is Windows XP Pro 32-bit

                  3) I have 3 GB RAM

                  4) Most of the media is mpeg2 (I know, not that good for editting) and some avi and psd files. SD.

                  5) My movie is 70 minutes, it's now in 1 timeline. Since it is a motion picture, imagine the amount of clips. I used about 30 different videofiles as footage.


                  I guess I will do the same as you did, I can split it all up to different sequences and merge them together after exporting. It is still strange my system can't handle such a project because it is not using all of my memory etc.

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                    Jimbojet Level 1

                    Well I split up the timeline in three sequences, but it still takes 20 minutes to load the project. At least the project isn't corrupt.

                    Meanwhile another problem occured, which really confuses me. When I output the video the audio of each clip is behaving strange. When a new clip is started the volume starts very low, and after 2 seconds it jumps to normal again. However, when I only export that clip (using the work area bar) everything is fine.

                    Does somebody recognize this problem? It seems something goes wrong during export.

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                      Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3


                      I would try upping the RAM in your machine if at all possible.


                      For future reference:

                      We have had this happen to us several times. Sometimes it's a dynamic link error. Do you have anything in the *.prproj linked to After Effects in the project? If there is, sometimes you can open the *.prproj in After Effects. Exporting the project out from After Effects often gives you at least something salvageable when all else fails.


                      Try "hiding" the media in another folder so that Premiere asks for clips while opening.


                      You could also post your *.prproj and have one of us in the forum attempt to open it with the media offline of course.




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                        Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                        Here at work when we are crunching, some of the editors sometimes don't watch the media format brought into Premiere projects. With the latest project we just finished, I went through the timeline and replaced various footage and image types. I found 1 indexed *.gif, several jpegs and some QuickTime.


                        For a standard def project, we try to stick to DV NTSC AVIs and PhotoShop (*.psd) format for images.


                        The practice of not mixing too many image and video formats helps with Premiere stability. Also using the Built-in Premiere "Remove Unused Footage" helps projects load quicker.

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                          Kona Bob Level 2

                          Splitting the project into several seperate sequences may not help- it doesn't change the overall project size.

                          The workflow I used was to actually create a seperate project for each 15 min "reel"

                          Your audio problem is probably just a playback issue, not something wrong with your project.

                          With the situation as unstable as it seems to be, I would consider exporting (rendering) out the parts of the project that are finished to some type of master movie files. If the whole thing crashes & burns at least you'll have that much to fall back on.

                          I should also add that in my own personal experience, all of these problems were truely cured only by switching to Intel i7, Vista 64, 12 GB RAM, CS4.

                          In this hardware/software configuration, my Premiere Pro is now rock solid, very fast, and near problem free.

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                            Jimbojet Level 1

                            Thanks for all the answers.

                            I have upgraded my RAM a few months ago, this did help. However, when loading a project Premiere doesn't use all my RAM available.

                            I did not use the dynamic link. I wanted to use this to Encore but it made Encore crash (I guess I just have bad luck with these programs). Removing unused footage was a great tip! This helps a lot.


                            I will try to split the movie in several projects, as Kona Bob said this has to work. I tested the exported mpeg files on different media playback software but all act weird with the audio. I guess it is not a playback issue. I really want to export the movie as an mpeg because the footage is also mpeg (and as far as I know, changing of filetype will cost some quality). If you look at this picture you can see the difference between a AVI and MPEG export. Especially on CRT screens the avi gives a very disturbed image.


                            Doesn't anybody recognize this audio problem?

                            I have an idea about how to solve this. Since I will encode it in Encore, I could use the mpeg video and the avi sound. Would this be a wise solution? The only problem that remains is I don't have a 'correct' file with good video and audio.