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      Iv been having some real trouble lately attempting to create an object panorama, emphasis on the object version, iv found plenty of tutorials on how to do regular panoramas (ie, from one spot looking outwards, i want to make one of something looking inwards orbiting it) iv used flash quite loosely before in the past and have come to the conclusion from various articles on the internet it is capable and probably the best way to make a small file size.


      basically what i wanted was to have it so that when u click and drag side to side it would show around the object, im not too worried about how fast around it goes or if it accelerates the further away from the centre its dragged, just the main control im looking for.


      at the moment i have 180 odd pictures of my model im looking to orbit, or less or more depending on what people think is better (its a 3d render i made so i can choose how many pictures it has) or iv already got it stitched together into a video.


      the ideas id already had were that it would load each picture into an empty movie clip based on the frame number, ie it would load model001.jpg on frame 1, model020.jpg on frame 20 etc etc, but that didnt work as i suspected and it seems to flicker which i probably should expect as it has to load each picture each time. my other idea was that if its possible to make a movie scrubber, and load the video of the orbiting object in, then just use a scrubber to control moving it around but i couldnt find anything (that wasnt to buy) on how to do that.


      can anyone help or suggest how i can make this object panorama?


      any help would be greatly appreciated





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe the usual approach to this would be along the line of the first approach you mentioned, but would involve manually placing all of the images in one frame after another.  If you were to number the images in the desired order you can import them and have Flash automatically place them in sequencial frames of a movieclip--just be sure to number them sequentially without gaps.... img001.jpg, img002, etc.....  To do that you just create a new movieclip symbol, select Import to stage, choose the first image in the sequence, and click okay.  Flash should detect the sequence, and you will then be asked if you want to import the series of them into frames and you select ok.