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    Reader 9.2.0 customization


      Anyone willing to help with customizing Reader 9.2.0? I've used the wizard but the transforms don't get applied. I also noticed that I'm not getting a nice, neat little package of files like I did with 9.0.0 and 9.1.0.


      Any guidance would be appreciated.

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          Sandy Martin

          Sorry, this is not a reply but a second plea for help. I am having the same issue. The customization wizard will not create an .mst from the .msi as it cannot find the setup.ini file. Would it work to create a blank setup.ini file and let the cusomization wizard add whatever it needs?


          We need someone to look at this.



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            jvierra21 Level 1

            http://www.acrobatusers.com/events/1877/tech-talk-insider-secrets-adobe-acrobat-customizat ion-wizard-deployment


            This is a pretty good online seminar in how to deploy use ACW.


            Here is a link to the manual for the ACW: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/deploying_reader9.pdf'


            Note that you need to register for and download teh "Enterprise" package in order for teh ACW to work correctly.  If you do this and use the downloaded "licensed" Enterprise package the installation will be created correctly and it will deply either manuall or with Group Policy/SMS or other distibutionmethods.


            I just completed the GP Adobe 9.2 upgrade with MST configuration.  It took about 15 minutes including a single machine test.

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              Ikon819 Level 1

              You make a good point about the enterprise version. I did go to the ftp site, but those versions may not be enterprise. I'm going to check that out.




              Update: thanks. You were correct. I had simply forgotten the proper process. I downloaded the MSI version, thinking it was the correct one, when of course the EXE is what I need. I unpacked the EXE and ran the wizard successfully.

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                Sandy Martin Level 1

                I did register for a redistributable copy and got a reply from Adobe last Thusday.. When I downloaded from the link, I got version 9.0.0.

                Here is the reply I received last week:


                Dear Sandra Martin :

                Thank you for submitting a request to distribute Adobe® Reader® software. Your request has been approved, and you may now distribute Adobe Reader, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Adobe Reader Software License Distribution Agreement. Attached is an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file of the license agreement. Please keep this file for your records.

                For full installers:
                To download the English language version of Adobe Reader 9 with Acrobat.com in compressed .exe format, click

                To download Adobe Reader 9 in compressed .exe format (note: this will not include Acrobat.com services), click
                [Note: By clicking this link you agree to the License Agreements and Privacy Policies for the software included.]

                You may not share the above link, share information with others, or publish the above link on websites, blogs, or by any other means that can be publicly accessed. The information contained on this site is meant for your use only in accordance with the Adobe Reader Distribution License Agreement you accepted. You may direct others to http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/rdr_distribution1.html to request distribution rights.

                For updaters (if available):
                To download Updates to the version of Adobe Reader that are licensed to you in accordance with the Adobe Reader Software License Distribution Agreement, click here:


                To download high resolution versions of the "Includes Adobe Reader" button, please visit the following URL which points to a zip file containing the button in eps, bmp and jpg formats.


                The guidelines for the use of the artwork can be found at

                Adobe also offers valuable tools and resources to facilitate the deployment of Adobe Reader in your organization. To find out more, go to:

                Adobe Reader support:


                Adobe enterprise deployment tools:



                Adobe Systems Incorporated

                This is an auto-generated e-mail. Please do not respond to this message for customer service issues.


                I chose the compressed version as I did not want all of the extra stuff. Needless to say, I spent some time messing with the wrong version before realizing it.

                Do I need to start all over again and register for a redistributable copy of the unencumbered version of Adobe Reader V 9.2? This has happened before when I have registered - it is as if I have to get the wrong copy first, then complain, then it gets straigtened out.




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                  Ikon819 Level 1

                  Sandy, I've only ever registered once; not once for each version, just once period. Since then I've been able to download enterprise versions.I went to http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/, selected my OS and language, and after I clicked Continue it showed me version 9.2. I'm not sure what happens if you pick other OS/language combinations though — some of them may still show 9.0.0.