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    Sony EX1 files - import ok in CS4 but not CS3 - why?

    ECS_1 Level 1

      hi all


      I've hired a Sony EX1 for the weekend, and CS3 (version 3.2 with EX support) will not import the video files - it gives an error message and teh files are nowhere to be seen.


      I have looked online in various places and the general consensus seems to be that if you import the entire folder and then, although you still get the "unsupported or damaged file" error message, the files should show up ok.


      They don't. Not in CS3.


      In CS4, the import works fine (although I still ghet the error message). The problem is, I find CS4 totally unstable, and unless massively successful patches are introduced, I will never work with it again (it cost me hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds n written-off editing time the only time I used it, because of constant crashes both on my laptop and my Dell system, and it still crashes regularly on the rare occasions I use it). I much prefer to work in CS3 which I found comparatively stable.


      How come CS3 can't import the EX1 files, when everywhere I am look on the internet tells me it can?


      Would be grateful to hear from anyone else who's had this problem .


      thks a lot