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    Fernanda_Br Level 1

      I have the following question:
      The structure to build the documentation that I have adopted include:

      \Project Robohelp Father

            \Robohelp Project Child 1
            \Robohelp Project Child 2
            \Robohelp Project Child 3


      The TOC project Father points to the files of the projects children that are compiled in the same directory. The search tool only finds topics in the parent project, as it refers to the files from the whgdata this project. Would be possible to transfer the contents of the project whgdata children to the same folder in the parent project?




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          MergeThis Level 4

          No, absolutely not. Your folder structure for a merged WebHelp project should be as seen below. Are you generating the children properly?


          Source folders:




                    Child 1

                    Child 2

                    Child 3


          Output folders:


          Father (including Father wh* folders)


                    Child 1 (including Child 1 wh* folders)

                    Child 2 (including Child 2 wh* folders)

                    Child 3 (including Child 3 wh* folders)



          Good luck,


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            Fernanda_Br Level 1
            Actually I'm not using the Merged Project because that way I have to display the TOC of the child project. For my project that is not possible,
            in my TOC files should be viewed as follows:


                 Topic Child Project 1 Introduction
                 Topic Child Project 2 Introduction
                 Topic Child Project 3 Introduction

                 Topic Child Project 1 Development
                 Topic Child Project 2 Development
                 Topic Child Project 3 Development
            Item 3
                 Item 3 Project 1
                 Item 3 Project 2


            If when using the Merged Project had a way to change the TOC my problem would be solved. In fact we had to separate a large project into several smaller projects because the glossary of terms Robohelp does not support duplicated.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              You have an introduction with multiple child projects and development with multiple child projects. That looks like you are trying to merged various merged projects which cannot be done


              Do you really need multiple projects for just an introduction? Multiple topics yes but multiple projects seems excessive.


              If you follow the method of merging described on my site and also outlined by Leon, using just one merge as in your first post, then RoboHelp will create one search for the parent project and the child projects.


              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips