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    free dvd maker is better than encore cs4


      Hi Forum,


      OS: Win Vista Ultimate 64bit

      Encore CS4

      Windows DVD Maker



      I have shot some footage and have they in dvd pal format.


      I was able to create a motion menu, slide show and advd with encore cs4. i could play the dvd on pcs and normal dvd player on the tv.


      But: Slide Show and all Movies are flickering. Menu also.


      Than i tryed Windows DVD Maker (Free when you have Ultimate Vista).


      I used there absolutely the same videos and photos. Result: Slide show and video quality was perfect and without flickering problems.


      I spent a lot of money and o can not believe that this free tool dvd maker is better than encore cs4.


      so please help me to solve this problem.


      I really don't know what i could try.


      Thank you and see you soon.