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    User entered data disappears from view in fields after entry in Reader 9

      This is a repost. The form was recreated and same problem (see below) has occurred. The person who has created these forms is a basic user, and so is not changing any settings or doing any programming, just adding fill-in fields (text boxes) and check boxes, then distributing by email through Acrobat. The problem also occurs with other forms. I cannot find any information on this problem anywhere. Any new ideas? File is attached.

      A simple form with basic text boxes is created in LiveCycle ES and distributed with Acrobat Pro 9. All users have been upgraded to Acrobat Reader 9. But when the user fills in the form in Reader, the text disappears when they tab or enter into the next field. Check boxes are fine. The user also does not see the data when printing. But, after submission, the data can be seen and printed from Acrobat Pro 9 by the original sender.