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    Encoding for BluRay Help Please

    Mark Dalzell



      I'm encoding BluRay for the first time using Media Encoder CS4.


      First, some details about my footage.

      Shot with a Panasonic HVX-170 set at: 1080i/24PA.

      The footage properties are: 1280 x 1080, Pixel Depth 32, Frame Rate 29.97 (24P),

      Audio 16/48K, Average Data Rate: 1.2 Mb, Pixel Aspect Ratio is 1.5


      There are a number of settings to choose from. Some obviously aren't correct but I'm not sure

      about the others. I don't see one for 1280 x 1080.


      So out of all these settings, which is the one I need to Encode my footage for the best results?


      1440x1080i 25 High Quality
      1440x1080i 29.97 High Quality
      1440x1080p  23.976 High Quality
      1440x1080p  24 High Quality

      HDTV 1080i 25 High Quality
      HDTV 1080i 29.97 High Quality
      HDTV 1080p 23.976 High Quality
      HDTV 1080p High Quality SurCode For Dolby Digital 5.1
      HDTV 1080p 24 High Quality
      HDTV 720p 23.976 High Quality
      HDTV 720p 24 High Quality
      HDTV 720p 50 High Quality
      HDTV 720p 59.94 High Quality

      NTSC DV High Quality
      NTSC DV Widescreen High Quality


      Also, can anyone explain what H.264 BluRay is used for?


      Thanks very much in advance.


      Mark Dalzell