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    beta 1 to beta 2 issues


      so few issues

      - updated all my <s:simpletext /> components to <s:label /> components, however now the text does not show inside custom button skins when using <s:label id="labelElement" />

      - skinning a button, using a combination of paths and other graphics which looked perfect in beta1, now looks off in beta2 - I think the calculations for height and width of skinned components must have changed...

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          For your first issue, try using "labelDisplay" instead of "labelElement".  That was another change we've made between beta1 and beta2.


          For your second issue, I'd have to see an example, as no change in particular jumps out at me as an issue.



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            ma1f Level 1

            Cool thanks for info regarding first issue.


            concerning the second issue, basically have a custom rounded rectangle and a path which should both be the height of the button.

            See attached picture demonstrating how the rounded rectangle component is no longer the height of the button.


            code as follows

            <!-- rounded rectangle -->

            <disp:ComplexRectangle id="background" alpha="0.65"

            left="13" top="0" bottom="0"

            right.over="0" width="{RADIUS}"

            topLeftRadius="{0}" topRightRadius="{RADIUS}" bottomLeftRadius="{0}" bottomRightRadius="{RADIUS}"

            fill="{new SolidColor(0xFFFFFF, 1)}" />



            <!-- inserts an arrow to the left of the button -->

            <s:Path left="0" data="M 13 0 L 5 0 Q 0 0 0 5 L 0 {height-5} Q 0 {height} 5 {height} L 13 {height} L 13 7 L 5 13 L 5 2 L 13 7 L 13 0 Z">


            <s:SolidColor color="0xFFFFFF" alpha="0.65" />