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    Exporting Flash movie as a GIF ~ Major Problems!!

    Bowzetto Level 1

      I have a Flash movie [CS3 Pro] and want to export it as a gif. Have no choice because it is going in a forum and they only accept JPEGS & Gifs. Since it's animated well, it has to be a GIF. Unfortunately, the export is too huge!! [7+ megs]. Can't seem to get it smaller. Even using AS 2.


      What export options should / can I choose to make it smaller. Even tried resizing in the export box from 808x609 to 600x400. Even the res went down to 56 instead of 72.


      Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions? Know very little AS as it is but is there someting on the timeline I can do with actions to make the file smaller? Say like AS some of the motion tweens? Hey whatever, if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. And THANKS in advance!!  If anyone needs the FLA to look at, let me know.