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    "Configure Return Type" not working in FB4 Beta 2

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      I upgraded just today.  (I uninstalled FB4 Beta 1 first)


      All my return data types configured in my data service view in Beta 1 were all reset to "object".  I click on "Configure Return Type" button, and it worked for 2 of the data service items, but then quit working.  I rebooted my PC, and reloaded FlashBuilder 4 Beta 2 and the button still doesn't work.


      Is there some other condition that I don't know about that prevents the button from working?  I skimmed the docs, but could find any mention of this, and the button doesn't give me any hint as to why it doesn't respond.


      Is this a bug in b2?  In b1, the button would always allow me to configure, even if the return type was already configured.