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    Nikon D90 (and other Motion JPEG) footage stretched in CS4 / Vista


      Hi everyone, I hoped someone might be able to help with an annoying problem I'm having when importing 720p Motion JPEG AVI footage shot with cameras like the Nikon D90 and Olympus E-P1 into Premiere Pro CS4 under Windows Vista 64.


      Software: Premiere Pro CS4

      OS: Vista 64 bit

      Footage: 720p files at 24fps and 30fps from digital cameras including the Nikon D90, D5000, D300s and Olympus E-P1


      Whenever I import footage from these cameras into a 1280x720 project in PPro CS4, it appears vertically stretched. Unfortunately if you try and squash it back to the correct aspect ratio, you'll see that it's also been cropped, so you can't retrieve the lost vertical data. It's as if the 1280x720 frame has been cropped down to, say, 1280x480, then stretched vertically to fill the 720 height. So not only is the image stretched, but it's also cropped.


      I should add that the files play back fine in various media players I have installed, including Windows Media Player, VLC and QuickTime. I also have ffdshow installed in case that's a factor to consider. I additionally have an Intensity pro card installed, and coincidentally I've been using this to recapture video files from the cameras over their HDMI ports - into Motion JPEG again. These files import just fine into PPro CS4, but it's not really practical. I'd like to directly import the files into a project rather than recapture. I can import other files, including Canon H.264 MOV files with no problem.


      Any ideas?


      PS - I've found people failing to import the same type of footage into the Mac version, but none mentioning the Windows version.


      Many thanks,