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    I had to run the System  Recovery on my VISTA computer, and then reload the Premiere PRO CS4....


      I have the PREMIERE PRO CS4 and the Computer with the Windows VISTA op. syst.

      My program worked without any probem, but for some other reasons I had to run the System Recovery.


      After RECOVERY I tried to upload my (2 DVD's) Premiere Pro CS4. I succesfully uploaded the 1st DVD, (the 2 bars were showing the progress), but

      after that I was not able to upload the 2nd DVD and I do not know why.


      I am now going to run the SYSTEM RECOVERY again (I have the HP factory disks) and

      I will also try to upload the PREMIERE's  DVD's again, but I am not sure whether I have to DELETE each individual Premiere program,/ DEACTIVATE it / and REMOVE the Serial numbers before I try to Upload the new PREMIERE again.


      Can anybody advice me how to get thru my problems in a right way please?

      Thank you,