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    Editing AVCHD-files in Premiere 8 is a pain


      As many of you editing video projects based on AVCHD-format has realised it is a pain when using Premiere 8. I have a Quad Core computer with 4 gb of ram and 1 Tb of harddisk and still Premiere is running very very slow.

      I have tried a lot of different and very good advices here from ElementsVillage and from Adobe Forum. But none of them has provide a solution. So my conclusion is that Premiere 8 (and 7) is way to slow when using the highly compressed AVCHD-format no matter what tweak you try.

      My solution is:
      - Convert all your AVCHD-files (*.mts og *.m2ts) to a more Premiere-suitable format like MPEG2 or MP4 and store your AVCHD-files in a secure place for future editing (when or if beter editing software emerge). I use 'Free HD Converter' from Koyote Soft (http://www.koyotesoft.com) to convert the files to MPEG2 and use these files in Premiere 8.

      And YES the program is FREE just dont accept to install the Yahoo toolbar that comes with the program.

      When converting AVCHD to a more Premiere-friendly format I'm using the following settings (depending on the final quality needed):

      Setting 1 (based on 1920x1080 AVCHD) final format 1280x720 or better:
      - Format: MPEG2
      - Size: 1920x1080 or 1280x720
      - Fps: 25
      - Video bitrate: 16384 kb

      Setting 2 (based on 1440x720 AVCHD) final format 1280x720 or less:
      - Format: MPEG2
      - Size: 1280x720
      - Fps: 25
      - Video bitrate: 9000 kb

      You could also use the Preset-setting 'Mpeg2 HD' in Free HD Converter.

      When working with AVCHD-files converted to one of these formats Premiere 8 is running smooth and easy.


      (also posted at http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?p=487579)