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    Premeire CS4 and After Effects CS4 not working

    footballvm Level 1

      If this isn't the place on the forum to post this please say so. Every thing was working until one day after effects started making my image sequences alot smaller than usual.  I could find no help for this, so I restored my computer.  After it got done restoring After Effects wasn't installed. I restored it to when it had been installed.  This confused me so i tried to re-install it using the package that you download from the trials(I'm using the trial versions). It got to about 80% loaded(Not 80% installed, the installer was 80% open) it froze and wouldn't go any further.  I had to use Ctrl Alt Delete to get it closed.  I reinstalled the installer many times, but the same thing kept happening.  After this happend I figured I could live without the After Effects Trial.  Adobe Premiere worked perfectly untill I tried to export to a media file.  When I do that it comes up with an error.  When I click the error button a text file comes up with a bunch of numbers, also it says something like "This operation was canceled by the user". I didn't do anything to cancel it so I have no idea what's happening. If you need the text document posted please say so.   Thanks for your help I can't figure out what's going on.