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    After Effects CS4 not installing


      If this isn't the place on the forum to post this please say so. Every thing was working until one day after effects started making my image sequences alot smaller than usual.  I could find no help for this, so I restored my computer.  After it got done restoring After Effects wasn't installed. I restored it to when it had been installed.  This confused me so i tried to re-install it using the package that you download from the trials(I'm using the trial versions). It got to about 80% loaded(Not 80% installed, the installer was 80% open) it froze and wouldn't go any further.  I had to use Ctrl Alt Delete to get it closed.  I reinstalled the installer many times, but the same thing kept happening.Thanks for your help I can't figure out what's going on.

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          No, sorry, all wrong. First, let's get the obvious out of the way: You cannot extend the trial. With your incorrect attempts at "fixing" it, you have effectively ruined it completely. Even if you can revive it now, it will tell you that your trial period has expired and that is that, as they say. Only buying the full version will allow you to continue work. That aside, the only way to get it installed correctly once more would be to use the CS4 Clean Script from the support pages to wipe the installer database. This will make it look like there never even was an AE on the system, with the exception of the licensing system. When using it, you should also uninstall other Adobe software first. The script doesn't cover things like Adobe AIR, Acrobat.com etc., yet those can often be a cause for trouble during installs. Those tools have to be manually uninstalled to not get in the way. Well, anyway, as I said, this is most likely moot, regardless of your efforts...