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    Rendered files are missing after project is reopened

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      Premiere Elements 8.0 on Vista-32, quad-core Q6600 with 4GB RAM



      I have a case of rendered files that cannot be found after the project is reopened. This is a 2 min video totaling 30 preview clips to render. [I set rendering to manual to avoid slowdowns]. When manual rendering is complete, I see 60 files in the preview files folder, and I can watch the preview (though not without some hiccups, both video and audio). If I then save/close project and open it again, 9 rendered clips are missing. I render them, watching number of preview files increasing to 78. The preview bar is all green again. Save - close PE - open - 9 clips are missing - two sections of the preview bar are red. This is repeatable with each reopening.

      Any thoughts?



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          Welcome to the forum.


          First, what are the source files in this Project and how did you Import/Capture them into PrE?


          Second, what is the location of the Preview files in your Scratch Disk Preferences?


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            Thank you for a word of greetings...

            There are two kinds of source files: (1) AVCHD .m2ts files that I copied from my video camera using its supplied software, plus (2) .MOV files from a photo camera. My first idea was to add all of the capture files into the Project section under Organizer tab, but that caused PE to spend good 10 minutes opening the project. So I deleted all clips from the Project section that were not yet used at that time and instead imported them via GetMedia button (PC files and folders), so that they all showed up under Media. I then dragged certain clips from Media into the timeline.


            Now when I look at the Project section, I see all clips that are included in the latest version of the project, but some of them not checked off as "used" (there is no green check symbol). Can this be a reason for their re-rendering? Actually, some of them are not checked off but are rendered...


            The .m2ts media files are in C:\Projects\R2009\HDWRITER\..., and C:\Projects\R2009\ is where I placed .prel project file, and therefore Preview folder is also there.


            I made one attempt to scratch the original project and copy all clips into a new one, but could not find a way - I can select all, copy, open new project, but then cannot paste.


            Thanks much! It is a great software to play with.