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    FC Beta 2 - Default State Question


      I have an image viewer and each image is a separate state.  The images are collected in separate components.  There are site navigation controls that are always available.


      Each image component is linked to the navigation controls.


      I set the default state for each image component to image1.


      The components are set to fade into one another smoothly when the navigation buttons are clicked.


      What's happening is that FC is returning to the default state (image1) before it fades and it causes an abrupt motion.




      If I scroll through the photography image component and then on image20 decide to go look at the artwork component, FC first returns to image1 of the photograpy component and then fades into the artwork component.  It's very noticable unless I remove the fades altogether.


      I'm gueesing I may be able to change the order of events in the FC code, but I'm wondering if there's a way to handle this in design mode?


      Much thanks in advance!



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          acath Level 4

          Hi JH,


          I can't quite visualize what you're trying to do. Could you either post specific steps to reproduce the problem, or send me your FXP file? If you send me a private message on the forum, I'll send you my  email address.



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            loosepaint Level 1

            I have 2 custom components, each with10 images and each image is a separate state.  I'll call the components "Artwork" and "Photography" and each is a separate state.


            In the Artwork component I have 10 states, one for each image and they're labled image001, image002, image003, etc.  There are 2 buttons in the Artwork component called buttonPrevious and buttonNext and they transition from one image to the next, backward and forward between the 10 states.


            The Photography component is set up exactly the same way with different images.


            Both components also have a "Photography" button and an "Artwork" button to go back and forth between the 2 components.


            Every component has a "State:" setting in the Properties/Common section.  You can choose between "default" or a sub-state within the component.


            The Artwork and Photography components can each have a State of "default" or "image001" or "image002" or "image003", etc.


            If the Artwork component State is set to default and I leave that component by clicking the Photography button - and then later go back to the Artwork component - the first image I see is the last one I was looking at when I left.  For example if I'm viewing image005 in the Artwork component, then click the Photography button, then click the Artwork button, I'm presented with Artwork image005, which is expected because the component State is set to default.


            I wanted both Artwork and Photography to return to the first image in each component if the user left either component and came back.  So if they're viewing Artwork and then go view Photography, when they go back to Artwork they would see image001 instead of the last image they were on when they left that component.  So I set the State parameter in props/common field to image001 for both components.


            Within the Art and Photo components, I use fade between images.  About 1/2 second.  If I navigate to image005 in the Art component, then click the Photography button to go look at photos, you can see the Artwork component display the first image in Artwork -before- it goes to the Photography component.  I guess you could say the Art component is "resetting itself" before leaving the component and it's visible to the user.  When leaving the Art component, FC is going to the State specified for that component (displaying image001) before going to the Photography component.


            The result is that there's an abrupt, quick motion (the reset) just before a graceful fade from the Artwork component to the Photography component.


            I hope that makes sense.  Sorry it's so long.  I can send you the fxp, but it's around 5MB.


            Thanks for your help!



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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Jeff,


              I can see the problem you're hitting.  We'll investigate this on our end, but in the meantime here's a workaround:


              1. Change the Artwork state setting back to default

              2. I assume you have two main states, one where the Artwork component is visible and one where Photography is visible instead.  Select the transition that goes from Photography back to Artwork.

              3. Select the Artwork component (in other words, the component that is becoming visible during the transition)

              4. In Timelines, click Add Effect > Set Component State

              5. In the Properties panel, select "image001" as the state to set.

              6. Make sure the little tickmark for this item in the Timeline is at the beginning of (or before) the Artwork fade-in so that the state changes before Artwork starts becoming visible.


              Hope that helps!


              - Peter

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                loosepaint Level 1

                Thanks Peter - works great!!!!