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    Wil NetGroup solve the Symmetric NAT issue and make TURN redundant?

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      Was very impressed by the new group p2p model presentation. Good work! Can't wait to have it.


      Although not explicitly stated as a use case (or did I miss it?), I fancy that the upcoming group model allows additional Flash players to take the place of the TURN proxy.


      Our e-coaching app supports concurrent coaching sessions between pairs of people. Every person is involved in max one session at a time.


      Currently we use a TURN server to support sessions that don't work p2p due to symmetric NAT on one or both ends. This is cumbersome due to required client configuration, and generates additional costs as well. But this is still much better that server centric (for which we have fallback as well if Stratus would fail, for Flash 9 clients and in very restricted firewall configurations).


      Will it be possible to include all users in a single group and let neighbour peers who are not in a session with me still act as proxy/relay to overcome any symmetric NAT issues between me and my session partner?


      Interested to have your feedback on this, including any better solution than the one I suggest.



      - Frans