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    How to remove hyperlink from PDF?

    MSRochell Level 1

      Hello, I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and I created a document from a web page.  I want to remove one of the hyperlinks from the front page.  I looked at the online support (see link below) which told me to


      Delete a link

      1. Select the Link tool or the Select Object tool .
      2. Select the link rectangle you want to delete.
      3. Choose Edit > Delete, or press the Delete key.

      When I tried to do this, I could not find the Link tool, so I used the Select Object tool.  I selected the link to be deleted, but when I chose Edit > Delete, the Delete function was not available.  I then tried to press the Delete button on my computer but this did not work.

      Does anyone know how I can delete a hyperlink from a web created PDF document?  Thank you!
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Post your question in the forum for Adobe Acrobat.

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            scenography Level 1

            Sometimes it looks like there is a link in the PDF when there isn't.  When the cursor is over a URL or e-mail address, Acrobat reads the text and lets you click is as a link, even when the document itself is only text with no defined link.


            Try this (in Acrobat Standard or Pro):  Click on the Tools menu, Advanced Editing, and Link Tool.  Any links in the document will become visible as rectangles.  If no rectangles show, there are no links.  Another way to confirm would be to click on the Advanced menu, Document Processing, and Remove All Links.

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              swayam44 Level 1

              Step 1. Install PDF Editor


              1) Download PDF Editor and install this software by double clicking the exe file. During the installation, please follow installation message and choose the right option according to your needs.

              2) Once the installation finishes, there will be an icon on the desktop. Please launch this software by double clicking the icon.

              Step 2. Remove Hyperlinks from PDF


              1) The following snapshot is from the software interface. Please click option Open to add PDF file to software interface. Or you can simply drag PDF file to software interface.

              2) Please find option Edit Link then click it. The mouse will turn to cross. Please drag area around the picture which will lead you to website.

              3) Then there will be red rectangle frame around it. Right click the red frame and choose Property in the dropdown list. Then you will see the dialogue box like I showed in the left named Link Properties. Here you can set link actions, like open a page in a document, open a file or open a website file. Those options are useful when you need to add hyperlinks. Meanwhile it is helpful when you need to remove hyperlinks.

              4) If there is link on the image, the link will be shown on the Property tab. Please simply remove it here and then click button OK to back to the main interface.

              5) By this way, the link will be removed successfully.

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                Pro10000 Level 1

                This one works for Acrobat Pro (tried in Acrobat X and XI)

                1. Click on Tools button on the right and choose 'Document Processing' (If not present, you might need to activate the 'Document Processing' tab by clicking on View Menu > Tools > Document Processing)


                2. Click on 'Remove all links' option.


                3. The warning tells you that this is non-reversible. Accept and it will tell you how many links were removed.

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                  BoulderCO Level 1

                  It has been 20 years since I first used PDF files, why the heck are there no simple editors for it?

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                    BoulderCO Level 1

                    Install PDF editor? Um, could you be a little more specific?