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    After Effects Creates Lag in Video




      I am new to this forum and adobe after effects and im hoping you guys could help me out.

      I created a couple of videos but after renduring them they lag unbelievably and in the preview as well. The videos are fine before i edit them im guessing the effects are screwing it up. What should i do? My computer is not very good its a dell latitude d620 laptop 3.25 gigs of ram (idk why its wierd) geoforce 7300 video card 2.16 ghz proccessor. My mom lost my camera so im taking it on a crap 3.2 megapixel camera from like the 80s but it doesnt lag before i edit it


      so do i need a new computer? new camera? change some settings?


      please help thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          To what specifications are you rendering? The videos from the camera are definitely compressed, so naturally, due to their low data rates they will playback reasonably smooth. Of course that can never be the same, if you render out uncompressed from AE. Even much more powerful computers cannot sustain high data rates of uncompressed media - they fill up the memory until a certain point and it runs smoothly, but after that, it gets choppy because large blocks of data need to be constantly unloaded and new ones loaded again. Only compressing your output will change that, so tell us what you require and what version of AE you use and we may be able to advise.