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    Integrating Google Maps in a CFDIV?

    Jasper Grannetia

      I played around with the Google Maps API and I like it a lot. I found the excellent cf_googlemaps custom tag at riaforge.com and that worked like a charm. I was (and still am) ready to get some mapping done.

      Unfortunately, integrating a Google map in a CFDIV (or a CFLAYOUT, CFPOD, etc. for that matter) results in an error. An otherwise perfectly good call to a Google Map just keps throwing the JS error and I can't seem to fix it. In fact, I am not even getting closer... :-( This is the error:

      "Error processing JavaScript in markup for element centerpanel: [Enable debugging by adding 'cfdebug' to your URL parameters to see more information]"

      I tried stripping the code down to the bare minimum that will render a map (straight from the Google Map API pages examples), but the result was the same... zip...

      I expect somebody else must have run into this at one point, as this API has been around for a while and so had CF8. Any of you people heard what might solve this? I am not copying any code into this post just yet, as I do not think it is in my code, but if that will help, I will do so.

      Thnx for your time and efforts :-)

      Jasper Grannetia
      The Hague
      The Netherlands