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    How to export pdf as xml with scripting?


      I would like to convert many PDF files to XML format, using Acrobat's File -> Export -> XML 1.0 feature.  It looks like the scripting API is what I need, but I'm having trouble pulling all the pieces together.


      It looks like the Export feature is a plug-in and therefore does not have an explicit method in PDDoc or AVDoc or App.  I guess I need to call the plug-in through some generic mechanism.


      I probably need to

      1. Understand how to call a plug-in and
      2. Find the api for the Export plugin.


      Can someone point me to examples or other docs?  I'm not having any success with Google or forum searches.


      I'm new to Acrobat scripting, but not to programming in general.


      Thanks in advance for any help.