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    wrong characters in variables



      I am a php developer and worked on server code for an educational website.  Another developer did the flash code that talks to the server, and unfortunately he is not available right now to ask about this.  In flash, he uses sendAndLoad to call a url to get user information.  I return this in a string like:




      He shows the information to the user and at some point later in the application, he returns that id to me with some other data for storing (again, using send and load with a POST request.)  This has been working fine for about 2 years now.  About three weeks ago I started getting back some corrupt ids.  In place of the last two characters are always the characters "Pr".  So the above example comes back to me as 0000cbroPr.  No change has been made in the flash code, so it seems unlikely there could be a problem in the logic of the code that stores the id and then constructs the request to pass it back.


      It's only happening for certain users.  So far from the useragent, it is always OSX10.5/Firefox3.5.1 when it fails.  However, there are requests from machines with that same os/browser setup where it works fine.  I have a fairly small sample size, so I can say with any authority that this has anything to do with the problem.  I don't know how to tell what version of flash is on the machines (I don't see anything in the $_SERVER vars that tells me that.)


      Any ideas?  Does it seem remotely possible that this could be some sort of a problem with flash...or an encoding problem or something?  I'm not really sure how to start debugging this, especially with my lack of flash knowledge, so any advice would be great.