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    random blocks in video when exporting to AVI

    peter j g Level 1

      I am using Pr CS4 in telecine projects. Here I capture old 8mm movies with my video camera and import in Pr pro.

      The capturing goes fine, with synchronization between projector and camera at 25 frames/second, interlaced (europe PAL).


      In Pr pro I first change the speed to be inline with the original film projecting speed and have to lower the speed with 72%. This brings it down to the original film projecting speed.i use mostly cntrl R and set the speed to 72%.


      Now when i look at the timeline and do preview, all is ok.


      Then I do an export to DV-AVI file, being my base for further detailing and more corrections on the video. Also some customers like to do editing themselves, so they get the AVI file witjh the correct speed.


      Adobe Media Encoder starts up and converts the file. No errors in the log.


      Now here is the problem:

      In e.g. a 20 minute movie, there are randomly 3 to 5 frames that have colored blockes on the screen.  See attached image as example. These frames are randomly placed in the video, and there is no correlation to be found.

      When i do the same action again on the original video, there might now be 3 places and on different locations.


      Is there a setting in preferences or something else that I overlooked?

      Is it a known issue of CS4 that it makes mistakes so now and then?


      I have a quad core machine, with 4 G memory and separate 500 GB drives for video.

      I have defragmented, but no change to the effect.