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    Improving photo colour quality

    Nadia-P Level 5

      Hi all,


      I have a few photos, where I placed some products on a white background but as you will see it's showing up as a 'greyish' hue instead.

      Very likely my camera settings, but I've lost the book on all the function possibilities to improve photo quality - and the little icons in the settings don't really help me much.  (Cannon IXUS 8015)


      Anyways, wanting to know if there is a way in Fireworks to get the background closer to white than the grey?  I've tried a few things (curves, levels) but nothing I've tried has helped.  I will be taking a few more photos - but just in case the same happens again, I'd like to be able to 'fix' them if possible.


      Photos here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/perrelink/sets/72157622609437964/


      Any advice would be really appreciated.

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          have you searched for an online manual -try canon's site for starters, at least you'll have it for next time

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            pixlor Level 4

            Hi Nadia,


            My husband sez the colors need a bit more saturation. Before you do that, go to the Levels and click on the right-most eyedropper, "Select highlight color." Click on something in the image that should be a white highlight. In the image with the card, for example, click in the upper left of the card. You could also add a shadow color (mabye a shadow within the woven mat). These will improve the color and the contrast.




            But, white and black point adjustment should be done last. So if changing the levels this way still leaves the colors a little dull, undo the level adjustment, increase the saturation a bit and try the level adjustment again. Trial and error till you get what you want.

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              Dave Hogue Level 2



              I played around with one of the photos just to see what I could do. Here's what I cam up with - the attached file is a Fireworks source PNG, so you can open it in FW and see what I did.


              There are three variations of the same image:


              (1) the original photo


              (2) adjusted with live filters and blending modes


              (3) masked with blending modes and increase saturation


              Hope this helps,



              Here's a JPEG - the PNG is in queue, and that can take a while...



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                Nadia-P Level 5

                Trial and error didn't work for me I'm afraid - I just didn't like any of the improvements I tried.


                I'll just have to learn how to take better photos I guess  :-)


                Thanks for the help though and sorry for taking so long to get back to this !



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                  Nadia-P Level 5

                  Sorry for the delay in getting back to this.


                  I played around pretty much as you did and ended up with a similar result. I'm not too happy with the images, so I'm going to have to learn how to take better photos.  The conditions I snapped those photos didn't help either I'm guessing    :-)


                  I like the way you did the masking though - that's something to think about also, depending on the evventual background colour of the page I guess.


                  Again, thanks for taking the time to do the samples for me - really aprpeciated Dave !