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    Error #2035 but only on MAC OS ??? why ?

    bboldi Level 1

      I have an application that displays swf files when user selects them with a file browse dialog. here is the code:


                   private function dispDialog():void
                      var file:File = File.desktopDirectory;
                      file.browse(new Array(new FileFilter('SWF','*.swf')));

                  private var _instPath:String;
                  private function onFileOpen(e:Event):void
                      _instPath = e.target.nativePath;

                  private function verifyAnimation(path:String):void
                      vswfl = new SWFLoader();

                  private function onvSWFComplete(e:Event):void
                     // ok


                  private function onvSwfLoadError(e:IOErrorEvent):void
                      Alert.show('error10006: This is not a valid b2a file! '+e.text,'error!',4,this);


      So when the user opens the application on Windows or Linux, everything is great, but when user has MAC OS X, the code displays error10006: This is not a valid b2a file! Error #2035


      i think the code means  URL Not Found or something like that, but WHY only on MAC OS? And how can I fix this???


      Thanks for your help in advance


      it should work