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    Text on path


      Hi all,


      i'm experimenting a little with the beta 2 right now, and i'm having a rather basic question, concerning

      the "Text On Path" feature in Illustrator.


      When i draw a simple arc, and put some text on it using the "Text on path" tool, i get a "FXG Save Warnings"

      dialog upon saving, with the message: "Text on path is expanded".


      In Illustrator, i only have 1 layer - a path - with the text on it. As the warning message stated, i end up with

      a path for each character in catalyst.


      So basically i'm trying to figure out if the "text on path" feature is available in FXG too somehow without

      expanding the text to a separate path for each character.


      My goal is to create a custom button component with a curved label wich i can use with flex 4.


      thanks !