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    Need some help!


      Hello All. Yesterday I got some pretty cool shots of a Southern Illinois State Park. I came home to ul them to my computer, and the system automatically took me to the adobe photoshop album starter edition 3.2. I have never used this before, so i decided to give it a whirl. Well, it UL my pics to the program, then it deleted the pictures off my camera after I selected NOT to do so. When I went to click on any of my pictures, a window popped up saying I have to register, so I try to, so I can have the unlock code to get into my pictures and what not. SO I fill everything out, get an email saying it is too late to register, but you can up grade to some other nonsense. How do I get my unlock code to get to my pictures? Is there a way to just remove my pics from the album starter and have them go to my desktop? What can I do?

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          Your photos are not actually stored "in" Photoshop Album.  The downloader placed them somewhere on your hard drive, almost certainly under Picures (Vista) or My Pictures (XP).   Poke around with Windows Explorer to find them.  Once you do, you can just use those photos with other programs and never worry about Photoshop Album again.  You can go ahead and uninstall PSA as well -- that won't delete your photos.

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            SWEET! I found them. Thank you very much man