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    Moved iMac => Macbook - LICENSING PROBLEM




      I just switched from an iMac to a Macbook. Got the Macbook for college stuff and I'll be selling my iMac shortly. I transferred everything over to my Macbook via an external hard drive, following the instructions on screen. It transferred everything successfully; couldn't be happier.


      So I pulled up Photoshop CS3 on my new Macbook. The error message displayed is The licensing has stopped working, with no error code provided. Weird thing is, the products still worked on my iMac. So, I proceeded with these steps:


      1. Deactivated my licensing on my iMac
      2. Uninstalled Adobe CS3 on my iMac
      3. Restarted my Macbook, same error
      4. Used Adobe's license repair tool and removed the licensing registry from my iMac
      5. Restarted my Macbook, tried again, same error
      6. Uninstalled CS3 from my Macbook
      7. Reinstalled CS3 on my Macbook
      8. Restarted my Macbook, tried again, same error
      9. Used the license repair tool on my Macbook, removed the licensing registry from my Macbook
      10. Uninstalled CS3 from my Macbook, re-installed everything
      11. Restarted my Macbook, tried again, same error


      I am absolutely out of ideas as to what to do. Please note that this was a computer TRANSFER, so I don't suspect is has anything to do with the weird CS3 network errors some people have had in the past. Both my iMac and Macbook have Snow Leopard on them.


      Technical support recommended I read the knowledgebase.  I did so, tried all of their fixes/solutions, and still haven't been able to get the product to work.  It's like my Macbook has some "licensing signature" on it that I can't delete.  I deleted the FLEXnet folder, Adobe PCD folder -- everything. Why is it still doing this?


      Thanks in advanced.  Any ideas?

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          Stephen Henning

          Same story for me.  I migrated from a G5 iMac running Leopard to a Intel MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.  Everything works except CS3.  Photoshop Elements and Adobe Reader work but none of the CS3 elements work.  Adobe Customer Service worked with me for 5 hours including waiting time.  Technical Support now has the case.  I have spent 3 hours working with them with no resolution in site. This is over a period of 11 days.  It seems it would be easy to remove all registration files and do a clean reinstall.  They don't seem to know how to do that.  On problem I have is when they ask me to change the name of a file, even though I have read & write permission, the name won't change.  I can remove files and folders, but there are some I can't change the name of.


          Some things they had me try were Technote kb401528,

          Error "Licensing for this product has stopped working" when you start any Adobe Creative Suite 3 application





          and Technote cpsid_51260,

          Launching Adobe products on Mac OS X 10.6 results in error "Licensing for this product has stopped working"




          Tech Support is now going over my installation log files, at least they had me send them to them.  I never get any calls back.  I alway have to call them and it takes over an hour to get someone to answer the phone.

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            Stephen Henning Level 1

            Problem solved, no thanks to Adobe.


            After working with Customer Service and Technical Support for 2 weeks(7 hours total) and no improvement, I went ahead on my own and solved the problem by brute force.

            I removed all Adobe folders and files in the Applications Folder and the Library Folders including in Preferences and in Application Support.  This included folders and files with Adobe in the name and the FLEXnet Publisher folder.  I then ran Adobe's MacCS3Clean.  Then, I emptied the trash can, fixed permissions, and restarted the computer and reinstalled everything.


            Now all CS3 apps, Photoshop Elements 8, Adobe Reader 9, and GoLive 6 all work.

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              Stephen Henning Level 1

              On October 17, I contacted Adobe Customer Service with the Licensing problem with CS3 on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.


              Here it is November 9th and Adobe sent me an email asking me to:


              Please upload these files -

              ALM .log file: C:\Users\molumen\AppData\Local\Temp\alm.log.

              AMT.log file: C:\Users\molumen\AppData\Local\Temp\amt.log.


              [Duhh!  These are Windows files and I have a Mac.]


              Instructions for FTP server:-

              -Start Internet Explorer ...


              [Duhh! Microsoft doesn't make Internet Explorer for Intel Macs]


              I notified Adobe on October 31 that 2 weeks after waiting for their "24 to 48 hour" service they promised, I had solved the problem with no help from them as described in my previous post.  Now 9 days later (a total of 23 days) they didn't even read my reply and are giving me advice for a Windows customer.  How can they charge such huge amounts of money for software and not even attempt to resolve their own licensing nightmares?????