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    Exporting to DivX/XviD from CS4


      Hi all,

      I have a client demonstrating DivX/DviD enabled devices at an event and am having an IMPOSSIBLE time exporting to DivX (or XviD) from CS2. Exporting to uncompressed AVI and converting using another converter worls fine, but I have well over 2,000 files and need them in 2 weeks (not to say I don't have nearly the drive space to hold all of those uncompressed files or the time for the extra step. I also tried Debugmode Frameserver, but no CS4 support. Basically I'm taking short 2 minute clips from DVD's (demuxed from vob), superimposing titles OVER the video and exporting (source files are unavalable so we need to go from the DVD's)


      Again this is for showing DivX and XviD devices so exporting to any other codec is out of the question.