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    systemTray & Dockable window

    rahimhaji Level 1
      Dear Friends,

      1) i have created an air application (Ticker) please tel me how can i create the dockable screen. my ticker screen is dragging fine. if i drag the ticker screen near the top of the desktop screen, it should go and stick on the top of the screen. if i move the ticker screen near the right corner of the screen, ticker (my air screen) should go and stick on the right corner of teh desktop.

      2) i need to create the system tray option, in down system tray my application should be visible. if the user click on it it should open my application.

      i tried the following links it is not working giving errors only...



      anybody can help me. i got structup. all other options are working fine. i need to create the dockable and sytem tray option.

      Looking for your help...

      Thanks and Regards,