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    Can this be done?

    bnther Level 1

      I built a movie in Flash, one that when it completes playing has navigation buttons on it.  If I drop it on a canvas in Flex, will I be able to navigate between stages or does Flex treat it as a completely seperate entity like it would jpeg?  My first thought is that I'll probably have to rebuild the movie in Flex, but that really adds a new degree of difficulty to things.

      A penny for your thoughts.

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          As far as I know, once you drop the movie into a canvas, if you were to examine the movie, its stage would be equal to the main stage of the application.  Controlling things like volume / full screen from inside of a loaded swf can be difficult.  For instance, try embedding a youtube swf into a flex app.  The controls will be there, but will be all whacky.  When you click full screen, it makes your entire application full screen instead of just the movie, because it is just making the stage full screen (which is your whole app, including the movie swf), whereas when it was a sole swf inside a an html frame in you tube, it was the entire stage. 

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            bnther Level 1

            I was kind of leaning in that direction, but I was really hoping that this wouldn't be the case.  So, I'm guessing that I'll probably have to load the jpg's as movie clips into the 'src' folder of my Flex project and then add a ActionScript file (package) to control the objects on stage...or am I way off.

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              christopher.mina Level 1

              I'm not sure what the jpgs are for, but regardless, my suggestion is to create the movie and compile it as an FLV.  Then you can play it in the flash VideoPlayer component, which you can extend in a number of ways to listen for the video-end event and display the controls that are required when the video finishes.  There are a number of nice examples out there to look at for adding in controls.  (a search for FXVideo should pull up something).  By far the easiest way to do this would be to throw a custom control (a canvas with appropriate buttons on it, for instance) on top of the video player when the video finished.  Then you've entirely decoupled the video content from the controls that you're looking to display.  You can use various data bindings to ensure the canvas sits on top of the video player always, or just add the canvas as a child of the video player with its height / width set to the size of the video player. 

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                bnther Level 1

                Thanks for the reply.


                I don't know, but I think that I might be missing something about Flex.  You can view what I'm trying to do here: hxxp://gtwebconcepts.com/Flex/main (If it displays --- that's another story entirely!)


                If you hover over either the Contact or Development & Design, you'll see that an area displays.  This is where I had my navigation buttons.  I wanted to be able to select a choice that would take me the corresponding 'state'.  I've rewritten everything to a ActionScript file, but I still am not sure how to tie the buttons in.


                Honestly, I'm not really sure that I want to at this point.  This is the 3rd project that I've uploaded to GoDaddy and none of them work in IE.  This particular project works about 90% of the time in Mozilla and about 40% in Safari.  They've all worked fine on my PC but export (Release Build) and upload everything from bin-release and things go downhill.  Don't know why browsers are being such and issue.  Everything should be running on Flash (or not?)


                At any rate, I'm still wondering how to tie in a Flash button to the corresponding state.


                Thanks again for the reply