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    reclaiming a stroke after making it part of a live paint object

    tiddlediddlebug Level 1

      The "s" in the screenshot below was a path filled with black.  I had the lineart done by and artist and then I go in and fill the color, so I'm 99.9% this description is correct.  I filled it using livepaint.  It's now a livepaint object...  I need to go in and correct my blacks (to rich black, this is a CMYK doc -- I have another thread about that, LOL).  Now, when I select the path that contains the black, if I try to change it's fill to the proper black, it fills the entire object with that color.  I just need to change the area within the yellow path you see below and NOT the light blue area...  It seems that once it converted to livepaint, I lost the ability to change the fill within the yellow path (which is just the outline of a stroke of black, for lack of a better description.  It looks like a stroke, but it's a fill or WAS a fill before it became a livepaint object.  Anyone know how I can change just the black part?  Thanks.