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    NEED Help Running Out Of Time+++Q:Opening a PSD file in Illustrator Question???


      Hello everyone!!! Hope everyone is staying dry and warm!!!


      I have some artwork im doing for screen printing and a friend has been sending me some artwork to work on. The problem we are having is some of the artwork will open in Illustrator or CorelX4 and stay editable but then he will send me some that when I open in Illustrator it gives me this message and then will not be editable:


                             """This document has greater than 8-bit depth it will be imported as an 8-bit flat composite""""


      Can anyone tell us why this is happening??? I have researched this with no answers so far??? He is using PSD2 and Im usin PSD4 and Illustrator4



      Please help!!!!! Running out of time for this artwork to be completed.