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    ItemRenderer inside another itemRenderer


      I have a list that uses a custom itemRenderer. When a list item is clicked, that item expands to show a second list using a different itemRenderer. The expand behavior works properly. The problem is, no matter how many items I have in the inside list, it always shows 5. If you try to scroll, it just shows the item in the outer list but not the rest of the items in the inside list. For example, I expand an item in the outer list that should show an inside list of 10 items, but it only shows 5. When I scroll, those 5 all disappear but the rest are never shown.


      I am setting the height of the inside list in the set data() function of the outer list's renderer. Everything appears to be measured properly when I trace out the sizes, and the rowCount is set to the number of items in the array collection.


      Why would it only show 5 items? I've tried doing this so many different ways that I don't even know what to look into any more. If you were doing this from scratch, what would be the best way to go about it?