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    Custom logo out of position

    Applied CD Level 1
      I’m trying to change the tiny Adobe logo with our own. Per the instructions I created a 47px wide by 27px high logo.swf file and dropped it into the specified location. Presenter tucked the right side of the logo under the pause/play button (about 10 pixels or so). It’s only a problem when the logo is next to the controller bar (default layout), looks fine in the condensed version of the player.

      As a test I squeezed our logo into a 27 x 27 px space on the left of the file, leaving the right side empty, Presenter ignored the empty area and still tucked about 10 pixels of the live logo area under the pause/play button. I’ve tried creating the swf in both Illustrator CS3 and Flash CS3 thinking it might make a difference but no luck. As a workaround I could probably stick the logo over a background that matches the interface but I’m afraid it will look off center for the other layouts.

      Anyone else having trouble with this?
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          catholicon Level 1
          I think you should not squeeze the stage area of the swf. Rather move the logo (and other objects on the stage) to the left. That should fix it.
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            Applied CD Level 1
            OK, I tried hanging the logo off the left edge of the stage/artboard and got the same result. The positioning seems to be based on the right edge of the bounding box.

            I worked around it by drawing a 74x27 rectangle matching the interface color and placing the logo inside the rectangle off center to the left with about 32 pixels of clear space inside the rectangle on the right. Be advised that the extra width causes the logo to scale more than necessary in the compact viewer but it optimizes the logo in the default view where it counts (IMHO). Just for the record the rectangle must have a stroke, a strokeless rectangle gets ignored.