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    Having troubles exporting media


      Hello everybody,

      I'm new to this forum and new to Premiere Pro.

      I'm experiencing a problem with export setting.

      My original video is 1008*600, recorded from my desktop with a desktop recorder. The FPR is 20. I created a project based on this video size, but I couldn't change the FPR to 20, only 23.xxx. I Don't know if it's 1by1 or 1by1.33 or such.

      When I try to export the video, I get in all settings case my titles very good looking, but the original video is so bad. I cannot read the text on the video though the original video, in Media Player, is quite clear and easy to read.



      Could someone tell me where is my fault? What should I be checking for?



      Thanks a lot for reading trough the end,