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    Attachment Permissions

    $Nith$ Level 4

      When adding attachments to a task,there is an option to choose the access rights.


      By default the value is "Read Only". But when I attach a document, all rights are applied (Read, Edit, Delete) irrespective of the permission selected.


      What could be the problem?



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          Robert Haché Level 2

          Poking around the forum I stumbled across this today.  You've probably already figured this out but the owner always has full permissions on the attachments they add.  Therefore when you add an attachment you can then set the permissions for other users, Read Only for example, but all permissions will display for you.


          Hope that helps,

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            $Nith$ Level 4



            Thanks for your reply.


            I tried this attachment permissions with different users. It seems to be working as you explained.


            But in my case i'm claiming a task from other or the administrator re-assign a task to me which has some attachment added by me (with readonly permission). Now i'm able to delete or modify the attachment. Is there a way to prevent deleting attachments once attached?