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    Is Fireworks buggy or is this just the way it usually is?...

    thomasbricker Level 1

      Im new to Fireworks CS4 so I dont know what to expect.




      Is there supposed to be nothing in the behavior pallette?

      It's blank.

      For the 25 years I have been using every other Adobe app there is, usually the palettes I want to use have something inside them.

      Makes it way easier to actually do something with them...


      When you select on object on the page, isnt it supposed to move when you click and drag it?

      Call me crazy, but that's a little convention Ive gotten used to.

      Is there some secret trick that makes objects actually editable in Fireworks?

      I have noticed that if I give up and go away for about a half an hour and come back, that same object will suddenly have changed to being movable.



      Is this an issue with non Intel machines or something?


      Im trying to wrap my head around FW, but these two very basic snags are making it hard to find the love.